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My inquiry to Costol?
We at Costol geared up to process your inquiry/ thoughts to accomplish using dedicated, skilled work team supported by
Quality Management System(QMS) process.
My work order to Costol?
 Our six years industry expertise will strengthen your decision for chosing us.49 projects been handed over to clients in a
short span of 6 years.
How Quality control achived by Costol?
Our quality commence from material input itself.Very careful selection of supply chain BOQ and implementation of design

criteria using ISO 9001 QMS process by expertised Costol Team.

How many years warranty I will get from Costol?

For our Glazing & Wall Cladding Systems we give warranty for 10 years.

How about pricing of Costol Product?
Kindly reach your inquiry to or call 24*7 Helpline 9841560070 for our officer assistance.Also you may

login your inputs at


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