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Policy on Work Ethics
1. Why do we need a policy on Work Ethics?
Success in implementing a Code of Ethics is not likely to be fully achieved in a large  organization like Costol without a
positive work environment. Inter-personal relations based on the values of respect, harmony and mutual development are
keys in this effort.
Managers need to take effort to maintain high standards of interpersonal behaviour to ensure continuing employee
development and high levels of morale within the organization. To that end, a defined code of work ethics can give
managers a clearer direction on these issues.
2. What are the issues that are relevant to promote better work ethics ? And what are our policies ?
Business confidentiality
Employees  are  expected  to maintain  business secrecy and  confidentiality  by ensuring that inside information policy is
implemented. For instance,employees should not share with others any information that they may come to acquire during
the process of closed-door discussions with other employees/outsiders.

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